fiidnt Marketing

In this section we will be explaining to you how to utilize our different services.

We offer three different style packages. 

1.  "Building a Brand " is our first strategy package

We help build your brand from scratch, we help you understand your why with your product and or services.  This package is for the beginner that is brand new to social branding and you need the baby steps in understanding the value of a name, a logo, and which social networks will be of most value to your company or services.  

2. "Stick in the Road" is our second session. 

During this part we work with an existing brand/ product and offer suggestions on why your brand is not growing, why certain content just doesn't stand out and create valuable brand engagement.

3. "Nail and scale" is our third package. 

In these sessions we look at your page find your best and most creative work and we will advertise that item or services on our pages which have reach of a million people a week.  This is our advertising services. 

You can create multiple packages and multiple sessions. 
But the first consult on the phone if we have never met before with called a coffee talk. 

These calls are where we decipher how our experiences in Brand Building can benefit you.

These calls are available as 

$25 for 30 minutes

$35 for 45 minutes 

$50 for and hour 

Payable through Cash App/ Venmo or PayPal 

Email us at