Mended Sea - Strengthening Enhancer
Mended Sea - Strengthening Enhancer
Mended Sea - Strengthening Enhancer

Mended Sea - Strengthening Enhancer

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Mended Sea is an in-shower strengthening enhancer that is designed for weak, damaged hair. Let waves wash away impurities and the sea set your soul free. Restore weak strands with our in-shower reparative treatment to strengthen hair from the inside out. Mended Sea aids in preventing split ends, strengthens hair fibers and stimulates the hair follicle for healthy, beautiful hair.


Infused with a blend of key strengthening ingredients, Mended Sea instantly restores hair that's been damaged from daily styling, over-processing and chemical treatments. Mended Sea strengthens from within, reverses signs of damage and repairs your strands to release your inner free spirit.

Never underestimate the healing power of the sea.


C3 CUSTOM CARE COMPLEX – A unique blend of two silk proteins and avocado oil forms a flexible net around each hair fiber, helping to reinforce tensile strength and instantly repair damage from the inside out. Learn More


BABASSU OIL – Once Brazil’s best kept secret, this rich oil is derived from the seeds of the babassu palm. Said to be more powerful than coconut oil, this powerful oil has intense conditioning and reparative properties. The result is less breakage, due to an increase in elasticity, and incredible shine.




BLUEBERRY EXTRACT – A powerful anti-aging ingredient that helps stimulate hair follicles to help facilitate hair growth. This natural stimulant also has antioxidant benefits that flood your hair and scalp with essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B5, C and E to help dry, damaged hair appear visibly healthier and strengthen hair fibers to withstand future damage.


ROSE EXTRACT – A natural frizz tamer, Rose Extract helps to heal and hydrate your hair, making it more manageable and shielding it against further dehydration.


FULL TRANSPARENCY: Read our full Ingredient List

After cleansing with Clear Haze Universal Shampoo, gently wring out excess water. Generously spray from roots to ends; don’t rinse out! Layer Velvet Cloud Universal Mask over top. Comb throughout. Let sit at least 3 minutes then rinse your damage away!