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Kate Middletons Drastic New Haircut

      If you want to read the story of why she went pixie   https://nothingbutpixies.com/blogs/news/the-day-princess-diana-got-her-iconic-haircut This is not her new cut!!! But now that I got your attention scroll down to see how short she really did cut her hair this week.   That photo was from a April Fools Post a few years ago!!! But she definitely trimmed off many inches. This is major royal hair news.

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Tia Mowry Joins Pixie Nation

How much do you love this transformation???  Last week, the actress and entrepreneur enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Nakia Collins to take her shoulder-length curls to a super-short pixie cut. "It was time," Mowry wrote in an Instagram caption. "This is me. #selfcare isn't selfish." Mowry's post quickly amassed millions of likes from fans praising her new look, but the actress revealed to Refinery29 that her decision to cut her hair actually came from a deeply emotional and difficult place. "If I'm honest with you, 2020 was just starting pretty rough," Mowry told me over the phone last week. "Between the natural disasters to worrying about viruses, and then the sudden loss of Kobe Bryant... I just wanted to chop my hair off and start over."...

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