Jennifer Aniston cuts her hair for a new movie role

What ya think????


Of Course that photo was just a teaser to grab your attention for the real question.

Which style haircut in Jen did you love best???

Her bob?

Her Long Hair??

Her Rachel or something different??


We actually found an article where she stated she would never ever go pixie.

We posted the link below.




Ok now that i got your attention!!




Jennifer Aniston is definitely a creature of habit when it comes to changing up her hairstyle, but there’s one look that she’ll never wear, regardless of how much her stylist tries to convince her—and it’s a pixie cut.  

Which look did you love best???






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  • Joe hernandez

    You are absolutely breathtaking Jen so Luminous you look amazing anyway nothing can take away from your beauty wishing you a great blessed day Sunshine muah

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