Demi Moore Gets a Haircut

 We all loved Demi in her now famous hair cut in Ghost with Patrick Swayze. 

She has ultra long hair now but we can only hope one day she might be tempted to go back to that famous pixie.




Remember she did shave her hair once for her role in GI jane


Click this link for some behind the scenes footage of the hair cut !!

Here are some previous haircuts

Here Is that one time in 2009 she got this haircut LOL 

Ok maybe not but here is the story 

After posting a picture of wife''s bottom on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher has gone one step further and provided a snap of Demi Moore with a Mohican haircut.

Micro-blogging addict Ashton wrote: “Wifey just got a new hair cut, what do you guys think? I love.''''

In reply, the Ghost star wrote: “I have the buzzer ready baby.''''

Trying to encourage Moore to try out the Eighties-style cut, Ashton wrote: “I''m just playing baby but I think you''d look great with that cut.''''

Continuing with the tease, Moore suggested she shave his initials AK into her dark locks, reports The Daily Telegraph.

She said: ``Thank you love. How'' bout I shave your initials into my head.''''

Ashton then forwarded the conversation with a more suggestive posting: “You could shave them somewhere other than your head...''''

Moore, however, tried to keep the clean, by writing: ``Like my armpit?'''' (ANI)


  • Corbett

    Sorry Love Demis hair very long Each to their own My girlfriend Laura also has hair about this length a friend of hers the same and another one has had it cut short another has grown it long You ladies keep us chaps guessing I love Laura’s hair like it is though!!

  • Leann cArranza

    Love this don! 🖤

  • john Fava

    This woman could carve crop circles on her head and she would still be gorgeous

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