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Kate Middletons Drastic New Haircut

      If you want to read the story of why she went pixie   https://nothingbutpixies.com/blogs/news/the-day-princess-diana-got-her-iconic-haircut This is not her new cut!!! But now that I got your attention scroll down to see how short she really did cut her hair this week.   That photo was from a April Fools Post a few years ago!!! But she definitely trimmed off many inches. This is major royal hair news.

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Demi Moore Gets a Haircut

 We all loved Demi in her now famous hair cut in Ghost with Patrick Swayze.  She has ultra long hair now but we can only hope one day she might be tempted to go back to that famous pixie.       Remember she did shave her hair once for her role in GI jane   Click this link for some behind the scenes footage of the hair cut !! Here are some previous haircuts Here Is that one time in 2009 she got this haircut LOL  Ok maybe not but here is the story  After posting a picture of wife''s bottom on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher has gone one step further and provided a snap of Demi Moore with a...

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Wicked Dope Hair Bows !!

    A great article Posted by WickedDope on Monday, January 25, 2021     Click Below TO see some cool ones we found    Some of our favorite styling products   Check out Here on Nothing But Pixies       A  few more   Nothing But Pixies Swag   Check out these other great items!! View this post on Instagram Does anyone out there own this brush by Revlon?? Being used by @rabiasikander Its called the one step brush. I was peaking at Amazon and it shows as a Top 10 beauty item in sales on their website. Give me some details below. I added the link in my bio if you want to check prices. Just click @wickeddopehair A...

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