Lets Talk About Pinterest Today

I am going to break down 10 key points of why I am feeling Pinterest for Business has more benefits to your brand over Instagram or just as good information as Instagram. 

1. You are able to upload your content on pinterest not just from your phone, but also from a desktop. 

2.  There is no need for using hashtags because when Pinterest first started out as a website the # pound sign was still a just pound sign.  Twitter created the hash tag later.  What does that mean?? Unlimited hashtags because its about your title and and your caption.  Every single word you type will be searchable not just on Pinterest but more importantly on Google. 

3.  With Pinterest you are able to Upload a photograph, write out the Title and Caption, and the next section you are asked where do you want to send them next. This is were you send them to any url on the internet, Your website , your ebay store, your Instagram, your Facebook, or even the front page of your Pinterest page to start showing them more of your content.  

4.  Pinterest is about Pins, full view clicks, and link Clicks.  No where on the site is there a like button.  As in your picture goes viral because somebody liked it but they didn't need to actually hit a little heart button to tell you they liked it. 

5. In the help section on pinterest it is stated that time spent on the app and sharing others photos will get them to share more of your photos.  Imagine that technique!!

  You share and they will share yours.  That is unheard of on Instagram.  They now want to get paid on every single post now.  How do i know because that boost button is right at the top of the post.  

6. Pinterest is not about followers on your page but Combined reach of all your photos that were seen that month.  It includes uploaded photos, websites that you allowed them to connect to and shares from others who shared them on their own boards.  

7. Pinterest is not about instant gratification.  A post needs time to simmer and slowly make its way around the boards on their page.  The positive with that is your picture or video could go viral forever not just for 48 hours it might be seen in someones news feed on instagram. My top post in June was from a video i posted in 2016 that i used the words bridal in the comments or description.  In June bridal was the highest searched word on Pinterest.  So focus on what is trending that month.  Halloween make-up, hallloween decor, halloween costumes will trend in October not May so push more and more those catagories.

8.   Pinterest started as a Website and then became an app. Instagram is still just an app and while yes you can view pictures on your laptop, you cant do anything else.  So when I look at my engagement on Pinterest, 40% of my views come from a non mobile device.  So until Instagram makes their desktop more friendly you are losing that audience completely. The instagram audience is basically just people who have high end smart phone.  

9. Because pinterest just created the Pinterest for Business portion of their brand they are more than willing to help the early adapters.  Remember how in 2016 what you could actually do on Instagram when you made it a business page from a personal?  Think what Pinterest might have available to us down the road as they keep adding new functions to the page to benefit us. 

10. Last but not least.  You already have a brand name, you already created the content.  You already have an audience. 

Why not take the time to use another free website that already reaches 250 million people a month,  Do Not wait and keep making excuses about i don't have time to be on two apps.  You don't need to add extra time just start doing the 80/20 rule Take 20% of your time from instagram and start using it to start getting this page going.  You will not regret this move!!!!


  • Loulou Carson

    I’m on it! Gonna set up a site on pinterest today! Thanks!

  • Kyla

    Hey Don, great talking this morning!
    I’m gonna get on this!
    Cheers Kyla

  • Allie

    Thanks for sharing this eye opening info!!!!!!

  • Marianne Savage

    That’s amazing I can wait to put it in play this weekend!! Thank you so much for the amazing information!!!

  • Laura Mussche

    Thanks so much for this information! I’m kinda struggling navigating Pinterest but I’m giving it a go!!

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