Don's Top Ten Ways to Win on Instagram

1. You have to first come up with a Handle and also a Logo that the audience will know as soon as the see it or hear it.  When we first created the Nothing But Pixies brand we just started with an idea.  I created a page that featured women with your short haircuts. That was in December of 2012, unfortunately is  wasn't until September of 2015 that my friend Tina created the logo. So we were already 3 years behind the process.  But now that logo  is being sold on T shirts, hats and hoodies as well as many other items.  

2. You need to come up with a topic  that you want to focus on 80% off the time.  Its the 80/20 rule in life.  You need entertainment as well as information.  Too much work the less fun and he Bored AF you brand will be. As i heard from Daymond John in a class i took in 2018.  Instagram is not an infomercial.   I want to laugh, cry and get some kind of human feeling, other wise i will change the channel. Its why Tik Tok is exploding because Instagram is becoming to much about the business and less about the entertainment. 

3. Post on Instagram only when you have time to talk to people. Do not choose the time most people are online ( unless you set aside time to chat at the best time to post). Its social media not just media. 

4. Stories are key right now over the news feeds. I post 80% stories now and 20% news feed.  The news feed is now the 5th most popular part of Instagram.  I feel its in this order stories,  DMs, IGTV and also being social in your own posts. Five years ago only the news feed existed.  Now people don't  start scrolling to see what others have posted until the other things are caught up. 

5. Make sure you remember the number 1 goal of Branding isn't just a following but more importantly that weekly reach so your regular audience sees your information. 

After you start hitting these items and only after you hit the top five you can start doing 

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