Why are men so angry about my short hair

I found another great article today that was posted on the refinery29 page 

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  • Michelle

    You shouldn’t worry what others think about your hair and it your hair if you choose to have it short that your choice no one else and it looks very lovey on you

  • Kaylee

    Great read! I’ve had short hair most of the past 20+ years and my husband loves the pixies I’ve had in the past. I was even shaving my head for about 18 months but was never given a hard time about it. With my tattoos and shaved head, I tended to intimidate people – which I’m fine with! Trying to grow it out now – just takes forever!

  • Joy

    But I like it

  • Danae

    Luckily my husband loves my pixie cut. Otherwise I would have done it anyway and he’d still have to love me! 😂

  • Mary

    Great article! I prefer pixie over long hair on myself. Easier to care for. I don’t wear my hair to please a man, but only to please me. If they don’t like it, don look at me. Her hair looks great, by the way!

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