Nothing But Pixies Feature from a Former Long Haired Girl

  This is going to be the first of hopefully many articles showing off the love for some of our followers.  These posts will be about showing the love as these previously long haired followers rock an amazing pixie cut. We hope to add some questions and do some interviews down the road.  So if you want to be one of these featured Girls just leave us a comment below and please also email us at and we will get back to you.

   Todays feature is Nikola Sykorova her bio states she is just a girl , standing in front of a salad , asking it to be a donut.  Hmm that has a little Julia Roberts vibes to me.  


  Based on her photos the cut happened around February of 2016.  She colored it to blonde a few months later. She has been a pixie ever since.   

 to see her instagram page click


  • Mayte

    Inspired me

  • HELIN Patrick



    Ana, I love your pixie unisex hair styling

  • elisa

    Love love it.

  • Val Simms

    Love my pixie! So cute, beautiful and simple.
    Anyone can have long hair… but it takes a special girl with attitude, sassiness and being bold to wear a super short pixie! 👍🏽😊🥰

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