Men Reveal 7 Reasons Why They Like Women With Short Hair


These are the 7 items that they list 

  • Short hair gets more attention. ...
  • They can see your face and neck better. ...
  • Short hair reminds men of attractive celebrities. ...
  • Women with short hair require less maintenance. ...
  • Short hair = confidence. ...
  • It doesn't get in the way. ...
  • It often means that a woman cares about her look.

Do you agree??? 

Comment below what other items that should be posted.

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  • Gracie Alenain

    I like more shorter hair …and I’m a short hair gorgeous woman lol . it’s true looks younger at my 50’s . Husband love my short hair..

  • Gennadiy

    Most of those reasons are so lame, even if true.

    Most women look more amazing with short hair for 2 big reasons:

    1. Her face reveals a lot more of her personality, and facial features just radiate out like the sun.

    2. They look MORE feminine, paradoxically. short hair makes you look much younger, more fun, more open and revealing (non sexually, see above), innocent, and vulnerable – which is what brings out that sense of confidence, as well as sensuality and just plain adorableness. All of that is the very foundation of femininity in action. Incidentally all of that is captured in one word – Pixie.

    Long hair is boring and hides the person underneath, most of the time. I do know some strong exceptions though.

    My better half and her mum agree – guess their hair style.

  • Ellie

    My husband met me with my hair up to my shoulders, I showed him pictures of when I had my hair shirt and he was like cut it off. Ever since then I been having every shirt style. Now I’m letting it grow out but I’m dying to go get it chopped again! Yes. I love Marilyn Monroe and dew celebrities with sexy short hair!

  • Bradee

    I’m a stylist. I specialize in short hair, I also have short hair, and I LOVE short hair.. @jinxedhair My husband met me with short hair so I’m not quite sure what attracted him but I will say I think these are true minus the celebrity and maintenance nonsense that’s a little off in my book.

  • Jess

    I definitely agree it gives you more confidence, most women tend to hide behind their hair, so to speak. But I wouldnt day it’s less maintenance, if anything its more.

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