I want a pixie but im afraid ill look like a suburban mom


  • Karen

    The very first time I asked for a pixie was 2nd grade . I had hair to my rear end and my hair stylist mother was horrified. Through the years I routinely cut my hair short for a while and then grew it back out – sometimes very long and sometimes bob length. In my 40s I cut it really short again and my mother proclaimed that I would never grow it back out again. She was right ! I toyed with the idea maybe twice . Eventually with my husband’s logical thought in my brain (he said “but why”) I thought why am I considering growing it out ? I like it like this . Period. End of story. Never looked back . 2012 brought breast cancer and chemo and a bald head . I had some wigs. Even playing with wigs I never felt myself until I took them off and had my pixie . I am pixie for life ! And by the way the compliments or reactions to my hair have now become a running joke or stuff of legend . Doesnt matter where we go my daughter and husband are just waiting for total strangers to exclaim "I LOOOOVE your hair "! And it happens almost every time. If you are a pixie at heart BE a pixie!

  • Rachel

    I wore a pixie most of my 30’s and The first 2 years of my 40’s . I grew it out at 42 because I was divorced and dating someone I dated in college who despised pixie cuts on women . For 3 years I kept it in a longer bob to suit my now husband. 3 months ago I cut it off into my beloved pixie . I realized that with the longer hair I was trying to be someone that wasn’t me. I was trying to conform to a societal expectation of womens hair. I am ME with my pixie. I am 45 and rock it with my chic clothes and statement earrings . I feel alive and sexy.My husband still says his preference is long hair but I look absolutely stunning and sexy with it short . I did it for myself and no longer care who likes it or not

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