I want a pixie but im afraid ill look like a suburban mom


  • Elaine

    Do it. I’m nearly 62 and have had a rock chic pixie for most of my life although for some unknown reason I’ve decided to grow it out. However, I know it’ll be back to pixie by summer. So easy to keep and I cut/razor it myself. Just looks normal during day but for a night out with make up and dressed up i love it

  • Angie

    I’ve had a pixie ever since high school was over and have really loved it. I will be 45 soon and I’m really ready for a new look! I’m going to branch out and grow into some sort of chic bob!

  • Rachel Copeland

    I have an old fashion Latino Dad. When I was 7 I had very long hair that my Mom put in 2 pony tails every day. It was painful. I cut my ponytails off and never looked back. 46 years later it is still short. Pretty confident no one would describe me as a “suburban Mom”. Definitely empowered

  • Krista

    I just got my first pixie at age 52. Cut off a giant coif of long curls. Yes drastic. I was afraid I’d look like an old lady too. But I am 52 so I’m coming to terms I’m not going to look young and cool. 😎 Anyway, I’m going to experiment with the color hoping it will give it an edgier look.

  • Julie

    I’ve worn mine in an extreme pixie off/on for years, I’m 52. It’s partly necessity due to very fine, thin hair and partly because I like it. I’ve always struggled with the same social stigmas……men prefer long hair, it’s more sexy, it’s more feminine. Well, I finally got over that. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful, sexy, confident women with no hair, short hair, and long hair. It’s NOT the hair that makes the woman and if you think it is, then you are extremely shallow as a person.

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